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Simple ways you can manage your back pain at home-Home Remedies for Back Pain

You could have twisted in unusual way or picked something up that was too heavy and you felt a twinge. No matter what’s the reason behind your back pain, once you suffer from back pain it is little tough to get rid of it, but the good thing is that you can control it.
Almost, everyone experiences back pain at some point in their lives. In some cases back pain may improve in few weeks or months, although some people experience long term pain that keeps coming back. There are some simple things you can do to prevent back pain and to keep your back in good condition.

Simple Home Remedies for Back Pain

Cool and heat -: apply coolin and heating process for back pain

Ice is best in the first 24 to 48 hours of injury because it can reduce inflammation. You need to put simple ice or a cold pack to the affected part for 20 minutes. After 24 hours you can try alternative between ice and heat. Heat provides you relief and healing benefits. While some researches find that a combination of cold and hot treatments work wonders in providing relief for their back pain.

Stretch it out -:

stretch out for back painIf you are prone to sitting down for long hours of your day, try to get up every 20 minutes or so to stretch. Sitting in same position for a long time can lead to back pain as well as neck pain. Stretches of your legs can also reduce some of the pain you might be experiencing in your lower back. If you are lifting an object, make sure the posture to do so, as this will reduce the risk of injury.

Use relaxation techniques -:relax some time to relieve back pain

Many researchers claim that medications can give you relaxation from back pain. Back pain is a result of overly tensed muscles and medication can aid in relaxing muscles and also improves your blood circulation throughout your body. Medication focuses on your mind and prevents you from stress and anxiety that likely contribute to the pain you are experiencing.

Get enough restorative sleep -:

Get enough restorative sleep to avoid back pain Pain is a leading cause of insomnia- difficulty with falling asleep and staying asleep. Around two- thirds of people who have chronic back pain suffer from some types of sleep disorder. Inadequate sleep and wrong posture during sleep can make your back pain worse. If you have sleep problems, you need to get addressed the sleep problems too.

Massage -:

Massage daily relief from back painSurely, massages feel great. You might want some massage when you feel tired and have back pain. Massage therapy boosts the levels of endorphins and serotonin which are body’s natural painkillers and mood regulators. Massage can also reduce stress hormones that can give you instant relief and reduce the risk of anxiety.

Yoga -:

yoga position for back pain Yoga is the best way of treating pain of any type because it promotes relaxation. Some studies have shown that after 2 months of twice weekly practice of yoga, people suffering from back pain reported reduction in pain and depressive symptoms as well. If you are suffering from serious back pain, regular practicing of yoga can make it easier to reduce the pain.


Healthy weight -: Healthy weight for back pain

Having excess weight pulling on your back for whole day is a bad news for your back. People with serious back pain condition need to maintain a healthy weight. Healthy weight will keep you away from many health problems. In particular, pain and problems in the back may be aggravated by obesity because extra weight pull the pelvis forward and strains the lower back.
Back pain is very common problem among adults. But you can reduce your back pain if you do some changes in your lifestyle. Most artificial methods and medications of back pain such as painkillers only work on the surface. The effective and sensible way to treat back pain is to tackle the root of the problem. You need to identify the root of your back pain and try to solve it.

In the above article, you have read home remedies for back pain. To know more about back pain, click here.

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