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Mahanarayan tel uses and the long list of its benefits

ayurveda for healthWhat if I say that you can cure your health conditions naturally and that too of its roots? Will it be amazing right? Many of you won’t believe me but, this is true. It is possible, but only if you use ayurvedic remedies. Yes, this treatment still exists and it still has the potential to cure any diseases from its roots. In fact, this is the treatment which is serving good health more than about 3000 years. No, this article is not only to tell you about ayurvedic treatment, through this article you will learn about a remedy which can cure your many health diseases.

The name of the remedy is Mahanarayan tel for health. Mahanarayan tel for health is the perfect remedy because through this oil you can cure various health conditions. Mahanarayan tel is very famous herbal oil which is used in the treatment of Ayurveda and cures arthritis, paralysis and eye diseases.

What is Mahanarayan tel?

mahamash telMahanarayan tel is also called Mahanarayan Thailam. This oil is prepared by sesame oil as a base and processed in several medicines herbs that are used to improve the strength of the muscles, bones, and joints. It has soothing effects and it reduces joint inflammation. Mahanarayan tel for health is the perfect remedy and it can cure osteoarthritis very effectively.

Its internal use gives instant relief from the knee pain and its external use gives relief from inflamed joints or muscle fatigue. The analgesic effect of Mahanarayan tel for health will not give you instant relief. But, if you want instant relief you can take it orally. It is said that the oral intake of this oil has a potent action against the disease -osteoarthritis and many people get relief from severe knee pain within the first week of its regular use.

ayurvedic-doshasIt is said that Mahanarayan Tel is very potent in treating VATA ROGAS. Vata Roga occurs due to excess air or vata, the element that regulates sensory motor skills. Massaging with this oil balances the vata and helps to get quick relief from joint pain and back pain.

As I mentioned above in Mahanarayan Tel has sesame oil as base oil, this is one of the most popular and used oils in massaging in Ayurveda. It is heavy, unctuous, bitter, astringent and hot in nature. Also, it contains 8 essentials amino acids which are good for the brain and head massage.

Benefits of Mahanarayan tel

Mahanarayan tel for health is the remedy which can cure many diseases easily. There are many health benefits of Mahanarayan Tel and some of them are mentioned below.

  1. It has analgesic, anti-rheumatic, anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory, demulcent, emollient and many more properties.
  2. Due to its properties and components, it gives strength to the nerves, muscles, and ligaments.
  3. If you massage with this oil, it will break up the blockages and stimulates healing.
  4. It has the ability to reduce inflammation, reduce swelling and tenderness.Mahanarayan Tel
  5. Mahanarayan tel gives relief in pain which is associated with sprains.
  6. It restores flexibility and mobility.
  7. Mahanarayan tel helps in regulating easy movements of joints.
  8. It is highly recommended for arthritis and other painful conditions.
  9. Mahanarayan tel helps to lubricate the joints and increase the joints movements.
  10. Mahanarayan tel for health is the ultimate remedy and this is the best remedy which athletes and dancers can use.
  11. Mahanarayan tel nourishes muscles and nerves and hence it is effective in paralysis and improves muscles.

These are some benefits which you can take through Mahanarayan tel. I think till now you all are understood that there is nothing better than Mahanarayan tel for health. Although, this is an ayurvedic remedy still there are certain points which you should keep in your mind and that is its dosage amounts and taking methods.

Healthy-Mind-Tips1. Internal use This is important to understand that you can consume this oil orally only if you have a good appetite. If the patient has loss of appetite, indigestion, gastritis, you can’t consume this. The main point is patient can digest the Mahanarayan tel oil easily without any trouble. The perfect dosages of this Mahanarayan Tel are, children ½ teaspoon, 1 teaspoon for adults with warm milk.

2. External use Mahanarayan tel can be applied to the affected parts of the joints. You have to massage the affected part at least for 40 minutes so that you can get the best results of Mahanarayan tel.

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